Welcome to Bounce Pro Inflatable Rentals!


Rent an inflatable for your next Fundraising Event!

Inflatables make great fundraisers! Bounce Pro Rentals will help make your fundraising easy.  Below are just a few ideas of Fundraising you could do.

Event Fund Raising

Simply set up the inflatable any place where large numbers of children will be, such as sporting events, large department stores, festivals or carnivals and charge for each turn. How much money you can raise is up to you!

Raffle Fundraiser

Raffle off an inflatable party at your church or school!

Car Wash Combination Fund Raising Event

Pair up an inflatable with a car wash! You will easily double the number of people stopping for your car wash if there is something for their children to do while they wait. You get twice the money for just a little more effort.

Contact us for more ideas!