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Jumping Fun Party Games

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Games to get everyone involved

Red Light, Green Light

Shout "Red Light" and everyone has to freeze. Shout "Green Light" and everybody can jump again.

While everyone is in "Red Light" mode, give them instructions to follow when you yell "Green Light".

Things to do:
Pretend to fly like a bird
Roll Around on the floor
Bounce on your behind then back to your feet
Do somersaults on the floor.
Bounce on your knees then back to your feet
Shake your behind while bouncing
Pretend you are popcorn, bouncing around until you POP

Last Bounce Out

This is a great way to rotate children in and out of the moonwalk. It's similar to musical chiars. Play some music or just clap your hands while the kids bounce on their rear then back to their feet.

Suddenly stop the music or stop clapping. Anyone who bounces after the music or clapping ends is "out" and gets out of the moonwalk and the next player(s) get in.

The Lost River

The floor of your moonwalk is divided into stripes- designate one stripe as the "Lost River". Players must jump over the stripe but not touch it. Anyone who touches or falls into the river is out. Change which stripe is the lost river every few minutes.

Flag Tag

Get a roll of streamers and tear 1 foot lengths off of it. Tuck one end of each streamer into each child's waistband then turn them loose!

The goal is to collect as many other children's streamers while protecting your own. When your streamer is pulled, you have to get out (or sit down).

The winner is the last child still wearing a streamer!

Number Switch

Have the children number off. Make sure they remember their numbers! Then, have them scramble and sit in a circle. Have the birthday child stand in the middle of the circle.

The birthday child then calls out 2 numbers. The children with those two numbers have to get up and trade spots while the birthday child tries to beat them to one of the spots.

The person left standing calls out 2 more numbers and tries to beat those children to a seat.

This one is good because it required minimal supervision and has most of the children resting (and rolling around during the action).

Freeze Bounce Dancing

Play some music and have the kids bounce and dance, twisting and shaking. (You might even want to play "Twist & Shout" or something similar.) When the music turns off, everyone has to freeze intil the music starts again. This is a hilarious game and will have everyone giggling at the silly poses and falling over.

These ideas should add some fun to your child's party!

Please play these games at your own risk. Children bouncing in an inflatable moonwalk should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. It's more fun when Mom and Dad are involved in the playtime!

Moonwalk Game Ideas reprinted courtesy of the National Moonwalk Rental Directory.