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Party Game Ideas - fun things to do with a bouncer rental

You've got a moonwalk rented and the kids are thrilled! It arrives, the delivery people set it up and review operations and guidelines with you. The kids get in and they love it!

Your 5-hour party is just getting started and suddenly the kids say they are bored. Bored??! With this great moonwalk? You need some inspiration to save this party!

Kids Need Directed Fun

Jumping is great fun, but just jumping can get boring! We have some simple ideas to help you direct the fun and make your rental even more fun and more memorable! We've divided the games up by skill level to make it easy for you to pick some easy or challenging activities, depending on your needs.

Games for Little Kids | Games for Medium Kids | Games for Big Kids

Easy Bouncy Fun Games

These games are easy for the smallest of children and don't have rules- we just give them some ideas for different ways to play.

Jumpin Fun Party Games

The games in this section are for slightly older kids who can follow directions and understand rules.

Challenging Party Games

Older kids can understand more instructions and need more challenge! These games will keep them entertained.

Please play these games at your own risk. Children bouncing in an inflatable moonwalk should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. It's more fun when Mom and Dad are involved in the playtime!